Elara dorne courting vs dating

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Because all companions have personal speaking missions that appear after certain points in a character's story, there is sometimes the potential for some of them to become attracted to the character, if the player makes the decision to encourage those feelings, the companion will become a little more open to the player, and the potential for marriage becomes greater as the player levels up and gets closer to level All classes have at least one male and one female companion that has the potential to become attracted to the player of the opposite sex, some classes such as the Smuggler and the Imperial Agent have one or two other companions that could also have the same feelings, which leads to jealousy with some companions, and more exciting story lines. All of the original romance options are limited to opposite-gendered characters, but same-gender romance options were released in Rise of the Hutt Cartel and all-gender romance options were added in Shadow of Revan , as well as Knights of the Fallen Empire , some of which can be continued. Players of either faction and gender may pursue a relationship with either Theron or Lana during the "Forged Alliances" and "Shadow of Revan" storylines. Note that both relationships are treated as long flirtation dialogues and thus do not trigger notifications that you are about to enter a romance. Players can flirt with Lana, Koth and Theron regardless of their prior relationship status with Lana or Theron although it may be mentioned.

Elara Dorne

star wars the old republic - Is there a definitive list of what gifts a companion likes? - Arqade

In only two years of service in Imperial army, she witnessed enough atrocities and war crimes to completely lose faith in the Empire and defect to the Galactic Republic. Given her flawless operational record, Elara was was allowed to join the Republic Military as personnel number , becoming the sergeant of the Search and Rescue Squad When posted on Taris under Colonel Gaff , she volunteered to assist Havoc Squad with their secret mission after Gaff refused to cooperate. Elara helped her brother Aleksei Dorne to also defect to the Republic, which caused Republic Personnel Division Captain Kalor to suspect her of hiding information. Kalor sought to reopen inquiry about Elara's status as a defector, which threatened to pull her from active duty, but Dorne launched a preemptive strike, using Service Code 1 to require an immediate hearing with the Personnel Division and presenting the evidence of her every interaction with Kalor over the years.

Elara dorne courting vs dating

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All info for SW: The Old Republic companion Elara Dorne with descriptions, Or is her "fun" story still open because she's Elara Dorne is the second Companion Character for the Trooper. Because all companion characters have personal speaking missions that appear after certain points in a character's story, there is sometimes the potential for some of

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